The Ex factor Guide Review – Updated 2021

This is a comprehensive step-by-step guide for women or men who want to get back together with their Ex. Based on the content, I wouldn’t say that this is just a simple getting back your ex guide, but it covers much more than that.

I will try to cover up all the important points about the guide in this article so that it would help you to get a better idea of what to expect from this program.


Getting Back Your Ex

Break up with someone you love is hard and painful. Nobody wants to experiences that. Unfortunately, most of us already been in that situation. And we know exactly how it feels, we will have mixed feelings of sadness, anger, low self-esteem, depression, and confusion for a week or more.

If you want to repair your relationship and get it back to what it once was, then I believe The Ex Factor Guide can offer a solution. This guide will definitely teach you a thing or two about why breakups happen and what are the common reasons for the breakup.

Other than that, Brad also shares tips on how to get your ex back and give your relationship a second chance. Pay attention to the product details, it might help you to decide whether this program is worth your money or not.

About The Ex Factor Guide

The Ex Factor Guide is fully written by Brad Browning. This guide is created based on Brad’s experience when he helping men and women who want to get their ex back for the last 10 years. It’s a comprehensive step-by-step online guide with 220-pages (as for this review – The author may be adding more content in the future).

Here the member area for you to download the product.

Brad’s split up the guide into several topics that deal with almost every situation. His technique is based on numerous psychological tactics that will break down your ex-partner’s defense mechanism and make him/her forget all the negative feelings in their minds.

The Ex Factor Guide not only focuses on how to win’s your ex back. But it also helps you seem less desperate, gives you advice on what you should do in your recovery times, and help you if you decide to move on from your previous relationship.

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What You’ll Learn From The Ex Factor Guide?

From this program, you’ll learn how to deal with breakups, mend your relationship and get back with your ex. To make this guide is suitable for almost everyone, this guide has been designed separately for men and women:

There are several chapters in this guide, and I will break down the chapter for men and women separately. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn from the program:

Ex Factor Guide Pros and Cons

Please keep in mind, there’s NO product that will work for everyone. Every product has its own advantages and disadvantage. Thus, it’s important for you to know what you really want in that particular product before you decide to buy it.

The Pros

This guide teaches the right mentality and the correct action that you should take at the initial stages of a breakup. As an example, if you read the chapter list, you’ll found out that Brad’s has suggested you take a cooling-off period of 31 days.

It might seem difficult for you, but if you act based on emotion like constantly call your ex, tell your ex how much you miss him/her, or even worse blame your ex for leaving you. All these actions are just going to push your ex further away.

Instead, follow Brad’s advice to take your mind off your ex. He gives a few suggestions such as focuses your time on your works, hanging out with your friends, spend time on your hobby, and start dating another person.

The Cons

I think this program needs some improvement in the issue of why a relationship breaks down. The breakup happens because of multiple reasons, nevertheless, this program makes it look like it all boils down to the fact that your ex is lost attraction for you.

That’s why Brad suggests you start dating other women, he wants you to recreate your attraction by letting your ex know other women are interested in you. Well, it’s true that women are attracted to men who other women find attractive.


Above all, having a breakup is not the end of your life. There is always a possibility to reverse the breakup and get back with your ex once again. However, it is must be done carefully with proper planning.

Use this program as your guide, but you need to know which one is good advice for you, and which one is not. It all depends on your particular situation and why your ex is leaving you. You know your situation better than anyone else.

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