The Devotion System Review 2021 – By Amy North

What Is the Devotion System?

The Devotion System is written by Amy North, the relationship guru. It describes how a woman can win over a man’s heart and keep it for a long time.


Who Is the Book Written For?

This book was written for women that:

  • Are still single yet want to have foreknowledge on what relationships involve.
  • Faced problems in their past relationship.
  • Are facing problems in relationships and need a lasting solution.

How Is It Designed?

Designed as an eBook for reading on laptops and phones, it is available on both platforms. In addition to the eBook, you will also receive video sessions discussing each chapter and training lessons. Quizzes could also be part of the interactive session.

What Is in the Book?

There are several sections in this book. Every section discusses different topics that will help a woman do the right thing. We will discuss each section and the lessons it teaches.

First Section

This section is about letting go of a relationship and starting over. The article discusses the importance of loving yourself. It is easy to say that we love others, but what about ourselves? Are we aware of our worth?

There are some people who have a poor view of themselves. In order to grow, they believe they need to suffer or have low self-esteem. In fact, low self-esteem only leads to a lack of self-respect, and others may treat you the way you treat yourself.

Even though some guys are only concerned with their looks, those who seek a strong, lasting relationship always want a woman who has self-love and respect. Also, she should allow that to affect how she reacts to others. By taking care of your mind and heart, you can create self-love.

Under the next subheading, we discussed being beautiful. People often equate good looks with one’s outfit. It is true that if you dress splendidly, you will look attractive. However, many advertisers lead people to believe they must spend a lot to look good.

It is possible to look beautiful without breaking the bank. Our minds can affect our appearance in addition to how we dress. We will glow if we are confident in ourselves. No matter how we look, we will look attractive when we smile often, show love to ourselves, and maintain a classy appearance at all times.

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Second Section 

Starting with the heading: Men 101. The focus is solely on understanding men; what they like, dislike, and what they want from a woman. It doesn’t dive too deep, nor does it discuss it lightly.

Amy mentioned that we should always communicate with each other. Healthy communication is crucial to a successful relationship. During a courtship, resolving conflicts quickly can go a long way toward maintaining love.

Respect is also important to men. In order for communication to be effective, you have to allow him to express himself without disrespecting him.

Third Section

The third and final section is titled: Love Stages. This is a very comprehensive section in the book. It discusses wooing stages, beginning stages, and how to make a man stay in love. Additionally, it teaches what to do on a date.

In the subheading, Monogamy method, we discuss how women can help their men realize there is no one else like them in his life. He will remain faithful to the core if he does this. Make your man feel secure around you.

There is a subheading on phone etiquette that discusses how to talk to your man while you are on the phone. Additionally, there is a sex guide that shows women how to turn on their man’s sexual drive. There is an image that helps to illustrate the point.

Is This Book Worth It?

One thing that remains the same about all the reviews of Devotion System is that they all find it very worthwhile. Women explain how it has strengthened their relationship while their partners admit that they saw changes in their woman’s behavior in the aftermath. If you are considering reading it soon, it may be worth your time.

Advantages of the Devotion System

What to expect from this book has been discussed. The following are some of the possible benefits of reading it.

  • Its content is arranged and structured well.
  • It is very versatile.
  • Apart from men, it discusses how women can improve themselves.

Drawbacks of the Devotion System

Like everything in this world, the book also has its disadvantages. They include:

  • Certain subheadings in this book are known by women already.
  • You need to set out time to read through.
  • It is only available online or in eBook formats.


All we discussed allows you to determine if the devotion system is legitimate. Some people report that reading a book had a profound effect on their relationship. You might want to give it a try.

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