About Me

Hi! I’m Luna, a very passionate entrepreneur, blogger, and life enthusiast.

Mix all that up and you’ll get a normal girl with a big heart that started a blog to prove women they’re amazing just the way they are. My passion is helping others become their better selves.



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Life is complicated and sometimes it hits us very hard. The important thing is to always continue fighting.

Fun Facts about me

You can find me soaking up in the Caribbean sun with my family while walking down the beach. I am born and raised in Puerto Rico.

A couple of fun facts about me are that I love to bake, I’m a huge fan of both Star Wars and Harry Potter, and I cherish the time I spend with people whom are not afraid to dream and make does dreams a reality.

Why i started the blog

The main reason behind starting MidnightReflection.com was that there were a lot of websites that promise and guarantee you tips and tricks for your Self Help stuff including but not limited to Motivation, Relationship Advice, etc.

But many of them are not very reliable!

When you are looking to make a life-changing decision about Self Help, and overall life, Midnight Reflection is the place to go.

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